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Tools for healing & personal growth

   A calm state of being is the foundation for self-discovery.


I don't believe in coincidences. 
In one way or another you found your way here.

My name is Savita Laura Jachim.

Whether you were led here for guidance, for healing or searching for tools to support you on your journey, I'm glad you found me. 

It's my joy and personal mission to meet you where you are and create a safe space for you to remember the Truth that resides within you. When you are calm on the inside, you can find the answers and inspiration you are searching for.  It's my job to help you to discover your inner calm and  help you access what's true for you.

My experience as a life coach and a seasoned practitioner of the healing arts provides me with a unique position to support your whole being: body, mind, and spirit.

My medicine bag of tools, along with my C.A.L.M. Coaching Method will give you a solid foundation for greater self-awareness, inner transformation and healing from the inside out.  

   You are ready if you ...

  • yearn for personal transformation and a deeper awareness of who you are. 
  • have a need to quiet your mind. 
  • desire your body to relax.
  •  are open to exploring your inner being in order to change your outer world.
  • desire to upgrade your thoughts and lifestyle habits to serve your best life.
  • care about spreading love and light in the world, because you make a difference.

your path to inner Calm and personal growth 


I first met Savita at her weekly Meditation Circle. Then I tried coaching with her. I was skeptical at first but she created such a safe and sacred space for me to look within, without feeling judged.  I felt heard, seen and supported. Our conversations, guided meditations and Savita's guidance led me to discover what is True for me on the inside.  I am healing from a lifetime of inner stories, that just were not true. I feel I am happier, more honest with myself and a more confident person today.  

- Barbara K - Glenview, IL

tep toward the life you love. Connect to inner peace, presence and purpose. 

 Natural solutions for your well-being

ENERGY-work MEDITATION, bodywork
Peace is an inside job .

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"I thought becoming myself was improving each part piece by piece. But it was finding a hidden wholeness, and seeing the fractures, as the design."

- Brianna Wiest

Happiness Meditation facilitated by Savita
This 14 minute meditation will calm the mind, balance your   heart and it will make you feel happier, healthier and put you in sync with your natural flow. 
created by Oneness University, India

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