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Yoga Nidra Meditation:

I first met Savita because of her wonderful facilitation of one-on-one Yoga Nidra. Over the years, she has supported my personal growth and healing thru the death of my husband and thru the isolation of the pandemic. She is a loving and intuitive guide.
I am grateful for her in my life.

JEM - Wilmette, Il

Energy work:

I have seen Savita (Laura) consistently for massage and energy work the past several months. She has given me new awareness, healing, and insights. I have felt so much better since I've been seeing her, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I love present with me.

Barb C. - Evanston, Il


Emotion code:

The emotion code work I did with Savita was very interesting. As always, I found her to be quite intuitive, knowing the right questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter.
And working on a heart wall was much of what we did during these sessions. I have survived some real trauma and while looking fine to outside eyes, how I felt inside was a different story. Since completing several sessions, I have found myself to be less shy and more open to possible relationships with men. More importantly, however, is that I’ve been more clear about boundaries, feeling more sure of myself and even better about being alone in general which has been particularly comforting during these recent times of isolating. Savita also made great follow-up suggestions such as which essential oils to use or even journaling suggestions. It’s hard to know with this kind of work, if it’s actually worked but I believe it has and hope to continue with more sessions.

Diane U. - Prospect Heights, Il

Yoga Nidra Meditation:

Savita is an amazing practitioner. I especially love her Yoga Nidra sessions and workshops. She has helped me to relax more deeply than I have ever been able to do. She uses her intuition and calm focus powerfully to take me deep in the work I have done with her. I recommend her to anyone wanting to relax, heal and feel greater peace from the inside.

Samana J. - Chicago, Il

Emotion code:

Savita helped me move through a stubborn creative block, which, I discovered, was a self-esteem issue. After our first session, I was able to return to my work with renewed enthusiasm, feeling both grounded and light in my body. Shortly following session three, surprise money came way! Highly recommended.

Cheryl T. Fairfield, Iowa


I first met Savita at her Weekly Oneness Meditation Circles in Glenview, then I tried coaching with her. I was skeptical but she created such a a safe and sacred space for me to discover my truth. I learned to accept myself and trust in my God in my heart. My healing and personal growth has been transformational. I am a happier and more confident person today.

Barbra K. - Glenview, Il


I started coaching sessions with Savita to help me change the circumstances of my life at 70 years old. Through the sessions, I have come to see I can change and I truly like who I have become. Savita is a great partner and guide. Thank-you Savita.

Lea M. - Santa Rosa, Ca

Having you as my coach has opened my eyes and heart to the fact that a happier future is possible. 

Deb T., Deerfeild, Il

Hi Savita,

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the space you create for all of us. You have been such a blessing in my spiritual life (what other kind is there!) and thought you should know. If you didn't do what you do I would never have known what is possible!

So, thank you!

Very, very grateful.

Nicole C., - Highland Park, Il