Find Balance and Growth with Life and Wellness in Chicago

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed by life's demands?

Remember, the journey to finding balance and fulfillment doesn't have to be walked alone. As a transformational coach, I guide you through life's transitions, offering the support and tools you need to cultivate resilience, peace, and fulfillment. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation today with a dedicated partner by your side.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to find out where to begin your self-discovery journey with Awakening Wellness Healing.

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Creating Your Safe Haven

I provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore and reconnect with your inner truth. In this calm space, you're empowered to uncover the insights and inspiration necessary for personal growth and fulfillment.

Tools for Transformation

Utilizing my unique C.A.L.M. Coaching Method, I equip you with the tools for self-awareness, inner healing, and transformative change. This method lays the groundwork for thriving from the inside out, embracing your true nature and potential.

Mindset, Habits, and Connection

Whether changing your mindset, adjusting your lifestyle habits, or deepening your connection to a higher source, I guide you in rediscovering your inner voice. It's time to remember and live according to your true nature, crafting a life that reflects who you are at your core.

Your Agenda, My Priority

I ensure that your needs and aspirations drive the sessions. By placing your agenda at the forefront, I facilitate a coaching experience that truly resonates with you, helping you navigate life's transitions on your terms.



Start with a discovery session to uncover your desires and goals. Benefit from the sessions designed to renew your sense of purpose and pleasure.

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Meditation instruction and guidance/ Yoga Nidra

Develop a meditation practice that brings hormonal balance, elevates mood, and cultivates peace and clarity, aligning you with the universe's rhythm.

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Reiki Energy

Embrace harmony with Reiki energy healing. This Japanese technique reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and awakens spiritual healing, guiding you to balance and calm.

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Remote Healing - Body & Emotion Code

Explore the transformative power of The Body Code/Emotion Code and ThetaHealing Readings, all available remotely for your convenience and growth.

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Nurture & Flourish Massage Therapy

Begin with a consultation to tailor your session, addressing your specific needs with a blend of soothing massage and energy balancing for complete rejuvenation.

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Remote Energy Modalities

Explore the transformative power of The Body Code/Emotion Code and ThetaHealing Readings, all available remotely for your convenience and growth.

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Doterra Essential Oils

Discover the potent benefits of Doterra Essential Oils, crafted to support your health, enhance your environment, and uplift your spirit.

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