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Whole Life Coaching is a deeply personal, one-on-one process designed to meet you exactly where you are. Beginning with a comprehensive discovery session, this service tailors its approach to reveal and support your deepest desires and honor your core values.

  • Personalized Coaching Strategy: Every session supports your own discovery and transformation.
  • Deep Discovery: Uncover patterns beneath the surface and explore new dimensions of your life.
  • Lifestyle Refinement: Receive guidance to adjust your lifestyle in ways that bring you joy, purpose, and fulfillment.
  • New Awareness and Beliefs: Cultivate a new understanding of yourself and create beliefs that support your growth.
  • Transformational Support: Perfect for women navigating life transitions, offering tools and insights to thrive during change.

My initial certifications in Kripalu Massage-1991, Holistic Lifestyle Education -1999, and IAM Yoga in 2001continued the motion for my personal healing journey and intensified my energy to serve others. My desire for continued learning, passion to the help others and my curiosity for natural modalities led me to acquire certifications in a variety of body-mind and natural therapies. To name some of the most significant: Master level Reiki, Pranic Healing, Herbal Medicine Making and Aromatherapy, Yoga Nidra and IAWP Wellness Coaching and a most important milepost was an adventure to India in 2014. My sojourn took me to Oneness University in Chennai, India. It gave me the opportunity to deepened my understanding of my personal Divine and awaken my consciousness to deeper states of inner peace, unconditional love and universal healing to share with others. The journey is lifelong. As one of my teachers says, It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

My journey and vision have refined over the years. One of the gifts I’ve honed in on is as a “space holder” for individuals and small groups. I’m at my best in relationship with others and holding space for the highest and best. I’ve been told again and again I am a calm presence, a visionary for others, a Light-Weaver. When the universe speaks, I’ve learned listen. My purpose is magnified when I’m guiding and directing through intuition for my clients, students, friends, and even family. When someone asks, I’m grateful to share. I am dedicated to fostering harmonious relationships that are interwoven with peace and consciousness.