If you're like me and love essential oils, then you can roll with the hot and humid dog days of summer. High heat and muggy days are part of midwest summers. As these summer days push the mercury in your thermostat up, its time to break out the peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint is one of my favorites because it is so diverse. It can be used for belly aches, headaches or even muscle aches and pains. It's also wonderful to open the airways if you are having respiratory issues. Put one drop in the palm of your hand, rub your palms together, then cup your palms over your nose and mouth like an oxygen mask and breathe in and out through the nostrils several times. Instantly, you will breathe a little deeper and easier with the help from peppermint essential oil. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. But just in case that happens use a small amount of carrier oil like coconut or olive oil to rinse the essential oil out of the eye. Never use water. Remember oil and water don't mix. Water will drive the oil in deeper. Just let your eye tear until it feels better.

Did you know that peppermint has the ability to cool the body down when it gets overheated? Whether you are down with the flu and a fever spikes or the outdoor temperatures rise, the scorching heat can zap your energy. Peppermint essential oil is my pick me up, wake me up; and cool me down; essential oil of choice on hot summer days.

Do it yourself "Cool-Down Spray" - what's in it?

  • witch hazel - astringent that is cooling and great for skin.
  • distilled water - dilutes the witch hazel, so don't have to use as much (saves money)
  • peppermint essential oil - contains menthol which has powerful natural cooling properties.
  • lavender essential oil - soothing & calming for skin, plus smells great

How to make this homemade Cool Down Spray? (I prefer amber or blue glass bottles)

  1. step 1: pour 2 tablespoons distilled water amp; 2 tablespoons witch hazel into a small 2 oz spray bottle.
  2. step 2: add 4 drops each of peppermint and lavender essential oils.
  3. step 3: put on the spray top and shake well to combine.

Always try a small sample of skin (skin test) first. Never spray in or around the eyes. Spray on back of neck and shoulders, the back, or chest to cool down the body. This formula can also be good to sooth sunburns or bug bites. Cool Down Spray. It can be used by kids and adults. HAVE FUN IN THE SUN and stay cool this summer with peppermint essential oil.

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